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Melt Flow Index Equipment
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Product: Views:359Melt Flow Index Equipment 
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Melt Flow Index Equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB/ t3682-2000, ASTM d1238-98 standards, and refer to JB/T5456, ISO1133 and other similar standards for the measurement of thermoplastic melt mass flow rate (MFR) instrument.The final results of the measurement method are displayed on the touch screen of the instrument and output by the micro-printer.The instrument measuring data is accurate, simple operation, intuitive and clear, stable and reliable performance, it is not only applicable to the high melting temperature of polycarbonate (PC), fluorine plastic, nylon and other engineering plastics, can also be applied to polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyformaldehyde (POM), polystyrene (PS) with lower melting temperature, such as ABS resin, polycarbonate plastic.Widely used in plastic production, plastic products, petrochemical and other industries and related colleges and universities, scientific research units, commodity inspection departments.


Standard: GB/T3682-2000,ISO1133-97, ASTM1238


Product Character:

1.English LCD Touched Screen.

2.Hand automatic cutting material.

3.Double temperature control system, temperature control precision is more accurate, higher heating efficienc.

4.Double imported sensors, more accurate temperature gradient from top to bottom, can be used independently, and improve the service life.

5.Cylinder for imports hartz alloying nitriding treatment, opening mould for carbon tungsten steel material, material reality.

6.Insulation barrels of sus304 stainless steel material for the whole, long-term high temperature does not rust.

7.Automatic calculation results, and print.


Test Methods: MFR Methods

Display Mode: English color touch screen display



1. Extruded material:

Discharging mouth diameter: Φ 2.095±0.005 mm

Length of discharge port: 8.000 ±0.025mm

Charging tube diameter: Φ 9.550 ± 0.025 mm

Length of charging barrel: 152± 0.1 mm

Piston rod head diameter: 9.475± 0.015 mm

Piston rod head length: 6.350 ±0.100 mm

2. Standard test load (kg, 8 grades in total)

Grade 1:0.325kg= (piston rod + weight pallet + heat shield +1 weight body) = 3.187n

Grade 2:1.200 kg=(0.325+ #2 weight 0.875)= 11.77n

Level 3:2.160 kg=(0.325+ #3 1.835 weight)= 21.18n

Grade 4:3.800 kg=(0.325+ #4   3.475 weight)= 37.26n

Grade 5:5.000 kg=(0.325+ #5 4.675 weight)=49.03 N

Grade 6:10.000 kg=(0.325+ #5 4.675 weight + #6 5.000 weight)=98.07 N

Grade 7:12.500 kg=(0.325+ #5 4.675 weight + #6 5.000+ #7 2.500 weight)= 122.58n

Grade 8:21.600 kg=(0.325+  #2 0.875 weight + #.3 1.835+  #4 3.475+  #5 4.675+  #6 5.000+ #7 2.500+ #8 2.915 weight)= 211.82n

The relative error of test load:≤0.5%.

3. Display mode: touch screen

4. Print test report: support

5. Test method: quality method

6. Temperature range: room temperature - 400 ℃.

7. The constant temperature precision: ±0.2 ℃

8. Resolution: 0.1 ℃

9. Scraping mode: automatic/manual

10. Power supply voltage: 220V 10% 50Hz